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Perfume masterclass on December 10, 2023, at 14:30, at Pinot restaurant, Riga

Perfume masterclass on December 10, 2023, at 14:30, at Pinot restaurant, Riga

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We invite you to a perfumery master class, to create your own unique perfume. 

10.12.2023, at 14.30, Pinot restaurant (Grecinieku street 26, Riga)

This is an exciting event that gives a lot of positive emotions. An educational show where participants get a lot of information about perfumery. It is an interesting and creative process, as a result of which everyone leaves with a unique perfume bottle.

The perfumery master class will be led by Valery Morozov - perfumer, psychologist. Valery has undergone private training in perfume factories in Grasse and has been making smart fragrances for 10 years. Valery Morozov has a first psychological education, therefore he tries to combine perfumery and psychology in his work, identify the effects and patterns of aromas on the human psyche, and also studies the influence of different cultures on the perception of smells and the possibilities of its use. Co-owner of a French cosmetics brand.

“The creation of perfumes is our passion, and we want to share it with you. We have extensive experience in crafting individual perfumes as well as creating aromatic components for body care products." -@Valery Morozov

How does the perfume workshop take place?

We are studying:
- what types of perfumery exist;
- how different scents affect a person's emotional state;
- what is the structure of perfumes;
- what is a fragrance pyramid;
- how will we work and create the fragrance formula.

In the practical part we:
- getting acquainted with 'pure' components in perfume making;
- we learn to distinguish different perfume notes;
- we get an idea of how to properly "listen" and choose a perfume;
- we practice creating a fragrance formula and create our own perfume.

When and where the perfumery master class takes place:
- 10.12.2023., at 14:30, restaurant Pinot, Grecinieku street 26, Riga

The price of the master class is 85 Eur, for two - 80 Eur per person, for three or more people - 75 Eur per person.

The price includes::
- presentations and practical parts ~3.5 hrs.;
- Your perfume bottle (30 ml);
- welcome drink, snacks.

The event takes place in Russian.

Dress code – smart casual.
The number of places is limited. Information by phone 29756965

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